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Financial discipline builds wisdom

Abraham Lincoln once said the following:

"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most."
I believe this applies to many areas of our life - health, business, spiritual growth, family, finances and so on. The important thing is to figure out what we want most and then take small steps in that direction over a period of time. What we want most will be heavily influenced by what we highly value.
I think for many of us, the challenge is to take some time to figure out what we want most. We are occupied with the day-to-day activities and may be busy ... but perhaps not really going in the direction of what we want most.
I would encourage you to take some time to figure out -- "what do you want the most?" -- in different areas of your life. Once you have settled that, your day-to-day activities and decisions can be filtered through the lens of -- "is this moving me towards what I want most or not?"

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