A woman from Kanas City is thanking the Lord for her life after being protected from harm by His word.

Constance Effie says she can only describe what happened to her as an act of God, according to fox4kc.com.

While at home one day, Effie heard a boom that she says made her think she was in a war zone. Instead of a bomb, the 70-year-old woman realized a bullet had gone through the side of her house.

"We looked all around and didn’t see a hole anywhere," the woman said, speaking of herself and her husband. Then she noticed the broken glass.

It had come from a framed photo of the Lord's Prayer, hanging two feet above where Effie was sitting, which the bullet had struck before falling down behind the couch.

"If it didn’t have the metal, it probably would’ve came on in and hit one of us," Effie explained.

Neither Effie or her husband were injured, but the woman said she had troubles sleeping that night.

"I was afraid," she shared.

The next morning, Effie visited the hospital where doctors told her she had suffered a small heart attack, most likely due to stress.

According to the woman, gunshots are not a rare sound in her neighbourhood, though they don't know who is doing the shooting. For now, Effie and her husband are grateful to be alive.

“It just means (God) is looking out for us."