The team at the National Virology Lab in Winnipeg was thrilled to receive a coffee break as a small 'thank-you' for all the hard work they've done during the pandemic. 

Charlene Ranadheera works in the Bioforensics Assay Development and Diagnostics department at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. She and her team were nominated for CHVN's Brewed with Gratitude and were the first to receive it once the promotion started up again on March 9. 

"Charlene and her group have been working tirelessly to test for and deal with Covid without reprieve since the first hints of it in Canada in early 2020. This team is truly essential and very invisible in a world that hails front-line workers as the hero’s of this pandemic," says Moriah Gross, who nominated Ranadheera and the team. 

With all the work the lab does to fight and study COVID-19 and other infections, the CHVN team brought the coffee and muffins just outside of the building. 

"We just wanted to convey our thanks to you and the staff at CHVN for your kindness today.  It was truly appreciated and so encouraging. We really enjoyed the treats, it put a smile on everyone’s faces," says Ranadheera.

The coffee break was shared with others in the building and Ranadheera says the muffins were disappeared quickly.

"On that same note, we also wanted to thank you for what you guys do. You keep people’s spirit’s up during this difficult time and it is so important. The work you do doesn’t go unnoticed," says Ranadheera. 

To nominate a frontline worker in your life for CHVN's Brewed with Gratitude, which will be going until June, click here