Who says a hug doesn't work wonders? A Macomb County police officer offers a crying man a hug and offers him help to deal with his struggles.

A few days ago, the Macomb County Sheriff's Office received a call from a concerned individual about a parked car on the side of the road, they believed the driver was unconscious.

Deputies Jacob Thorne and Fred Parisek followed up on the report and went to check out the situation.

For privacy reasons, the sheriff's office called the man "Joe" and removed any personal information from the video.

Once the deputies arrived on the scene, Thorne was told by Joe that "he was headed to work and had to pull over because he was feeling down and just needed a break," as said in the Macomb County Sheriff's Office statement.

It was then that the officer asked the man if he had any feelings of self harm, fortunately, Joe said no. He says that he was facing a number of life stressors at the moment and was feeling overwhelmed and needed a moment.

Deputy Thorne showed compassion and empathy for the crying man and asked him what he could do to help.

"I could use a hug," says Joe in the video. The officer wasted no time and took him up on the offer and the two shared an embrace.

"For the next twenty minutes, Deputy Thorne and Deputy Parisek, both military veterans, sat with Joe and exchanged some stories, helpful remedies, encouragement, and even a laugh at the end," the statement continues on.

When the interaction was coming to an end, Thorne wrote up some resources that Joe could fall back on if he ever needed help, he even included his personal contact information.

One last hug was exchanged before the interaction came to a close.

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office reminds people that it is human to have good days and bad days.

"Never be afraid to reach out and make that phone call to hear a helpful voice on the other end."

If you or anyone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide or needs someone to talk to, please call the Manitoba Suicide Prevention and Support line at 1-877-435-7170.