A donation to the amount of $50,000 was given to Winnipeg's Bear Clan last week.

James Favel, executive director of Bear Clan Patrol Inc. certainly wasn't expecting a call like the one he received last week

"I got a phone call and someone very familiar on the other end was like, 'what are you doing?,'" Favel said.

It was Kirby Fontaine, who told Favel to get to his office right away. The executive director complied.

"I jumped up and ran to the office," he says. Fontaine and his wife, Marie, of Sagkeeng First Nation arrived shortly after, cheque in hand.

Favel was astounded. "They went ahead an cut a cheque for $50,000, said thanks, and then just walked right back out.

"It was just like a crazy Wednesday."

The donation, Favel explained, could not have come at a better time. Just that morning, the Bear Clan had met to discuss their fiscal situation. Most pressing is that the organization's "Den" on Selkirk Avenue is run at this time exclusively by volunteers as no funding exists for staff.

Favel says the organization did receive a significant amount of funding this year, around $500,000, but that money has been designated for other projects and needs.

"It's just kind of weird that we just had that conversation and then two hours later I get a call from them," said Favel. "It's going to take some of the real pressure off of us."

The money will also be beneficial in the Bear Clan's work transporting food from sponsors to those they serve in the community. Favel says that Bear Clan hopes to put a small part of the donation towards the purchase of a refrigerated vehicle.

"I just about fell over," Favel shared. "For them, it's just what they do on a Wednesday afternoon. I was shocked and they're just so generous.

"I'm just glad to know them."