A Winnipeg photographer created an image in honour of Canada's fallen soldiers that's powerfully poignant.

Ross Penner took over 200 poppies out to his favourite tree at Birds Hill Park to create the special image.

Talking about the tree, Penner says, "I have been taking pictures of this tree for years and even have a whole video devoted to only art pictures of that tree."

Penner also works at a local school, and he said that over the years he's collected poppies from people after the school's Remembrance Day services.

He decided recently to combine the two. "I just put the two together. White and red go great together," he says. 

The result of a solitary tree in a field of white, dotted with red poppies that serve as a symbol of remembrance of those who have never returned home from war, has evoked a lot of reactions from people on social media.

Penner calls the piece "The Remembrance Tree."

You can follow more of Penner's work at his page, God & Photography.

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