A pastor from North Carolina celebrated his 98th birthday in a very unusual way. 

Instead of celebrating with friends and family over tea and crumpets, 98-year-old Roy Jernigan decided to go skydiving.

"I don't do anything quickly. I pray about it," said Pastor Roy. "I told the Lord, I want to do it. It's not about me. If I can somehow give you the glory out of this thing. I'll do it."

And so he did, freefalling for about 50 seconds.

"People say, were you afraid? I said no. I wasn't afraid. I've been in the plains before. I was a  torpedo bomber in World War II, so I wasn't concerned about flying. Now I had never jumped from an airplane before, and that was a new experience."

His next challenge is to make it to 100 years old. If he does, he says he'll do it again.  

"When people ask what I attribute my longevity to, I say the good Lord and black coffee, and in that order." 

Today on Connections, Roy Jernigan shares his powerful testimony. He'll also give us his secrets to longevity. We'll also hear from his daughter, Linda Wiliams.