95 men, women, and children – all Christians – have been killed in Mali.

The attack wiped out an estimated a third of the Malian village. 

On the evening of June 9, Fulani Muslim militants fired shots and set fire to the central Mali village of Sobame Da. Open Doors reports that many of the bodies were found burned.

A survivor of the attacks says, “About 50 heavily armed men arrived on motorbikes and pickups. They first surrounded the village and then attacked – anyone who tried to escape was killed. No one was spared–women, children, elderly people.”

According to a Malian government statement, the attackers also killed animals and burned down houses and says, "A Dogon village has been virtually wiped out.”

A decrease in government control and the availability of weapons have been part of the Malian conflict that started in 2013 when Islamist militants, who had captured much of the country’s desert north, established themselves in the country’s central and southern regions.

Christians are indiscriminately targeted and Muslims are mostly spared when these attacks occur.

Open Doors encourages the Christian Community: "Although the realities of violence like these attacks can be overwhelming, we have repeatedly seen how the Lord sovereignly uses the Body of Christ to bring hope and remind Christians on the front lines that they are not forgotten. These Christ followers are risking their lives to follow Jesus."