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Local photographer uses art & social media to spread good news

Ross Penner has been a photographer for a long time. But recently he's started to use his camera for a new project, seeking to use art, and social media, to let people know about the gospel.

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Wilma Derksen launches new book about forgiveness

Wilma Derksen is launching her new book, The Way of Letting Go, which talks about her path of forgiveness after her daughter was murdered.

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Manitoba Moose join families at the zoo

The Manitoba Moose found themselves surrounded by other northern animals when they went to Assiniboine Park Zoo to make a donation and sign autographs for fans.

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Community Day at The Forks today

The Forks is hosting Community Day in honor of Louis Riel Day.

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Police warning the public to stay off the ice

While the weather has been enjoyable for the long weekend, it's also caused concern. The Winnipeg City Police has issued a warning to stay off the ice.

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