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Rebecca Gole is pleased to have been able to help others learn about her roots through performing in Folklorama this week.

The dancer, 25, has performed throughout the week at the Tamil pavilion, and has done so for the past several years.

"It's been a lot of fun so far," Gole said. She dances with India School of Dance, and enjoys being able to perform with several fellow dancers.

She began dancing in kindergarten, when her parents signed her up as a way for her to connect with her cultural roots. Her father, who is from India, and her mother, encouraged her to pursue classical Indian dance.

"I really love it, I love the aspect of being in touch with my Indan heritage," Gole shared. "It's just a really intricate and beautiful dance form and it's something I've grown to love over the years. It takes a lot of dedication."

Connecting with her own cultural background has been extremely important to the dancer throughout her life. "I think Indian culture is so rich and beautiful and vibrant. I feel like it's a huge part of who I am with my dad being from India, but since we're in Canada, I don't necessarily get to experience that culture that often, so I've really enjoyed going to dance every week growing up, and just being a part of that culture, celebrating where my dad is from."

Gole encourages everyone to try and check out some different Folklorama pavilions over the next week to get a taste of the different communities around Winnipeg, and perhaps learn something new about culture in a different area of the globe.

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