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A local organization is need of a helping hand.

On Monday, the oven at Agape Table, which feeds 350 plus people every morning, broke down.

Russell Mason, Volunteer Coordinator at Agape Table says, it came out of nowhere.

"The heat shield in the oven could not handle what we were doing, and the glass inside broke. So, we can't use our oven right now, and that is a huge hit for us because we need it to prepare the proteins for our breakfasts."

Mason says they are looking for a very specific type of oven.

"Essentially we need to have a residential gas oven. It has to have open burners, just to handle the amount of food we prepare. We have had people offer us residential electric stoves, but unfortunately our breakers in the building can't handle it."

Anyone who may have the type of oven that Agape Table is searching for is encouraged to call them at 204-783-6369.