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Winnipeg's bid for Amazon's second North American headquarters is now online.

Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber and now Winnipeg businessman, Obby Khan, plays host to Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa in the three-minute long video. Throughout the video, Khan gives Alexa many options to "show her why Winnipeg is an ideal place for her boss Jeff Bezos to bring his company’s second headquarters."

The 66-page proposal, which you can view online, highlights many of Winnipeg's positive attributed, including low energy costs, the average commute time, and low housing costs.

The video also highlights Winnipeg's geographic location, being at the centre of North America.

The proposal offers tax breaks to the tech company. It includes a total of $1.7 billion in provencial and federal incentives like tax credits, and training support.

amazon bid pg 1A page from the online bid shows off many of Winnipeg's accomplishments and attributes.