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L'Damian Washington is loving every moment of his rookie season with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

But part of that is because Washington had already given up on football before the Bombers gave him a chance.

The Louisiana product was released from eight professional teams and had already lined up another job when the Blue Bombers called him. He ended up making the team and scored his first professional touchdown in week two against Saskatchewan.

More than football, however, Washington loves the chapel program, led by Lorne Korol.

"[Chapel] has been the biggest blessing for me personally," Washington said. "It's put me in a great spot and it's probably been one of the best things that's happened for me."

Chapel, he explained, has helped him in many ways. One of those is the loneliness you can feel being separated from your family. But Washington says chapel has been one of the biggest reasons he has continued to fight for a spot week after week.

"Chapel was good during the weeks I thought it was better to go home," Washington said.

Despite the constant battle for a roster spot, Washington still feels part of the team, which he describes as a family.

"The team is so great," he explains. "It's not even like they are teammates, it's like they are brothers."

When he does get out there on the field, he reminds himself constantly who he is truly playing for.

"In chapel we always talk about playing for an audience of one," Washington said. "Although you are out there competing, you have to take care of your brothers because in Christ, we are all brothers and sisters."

Washington explained constantly how blessed he was to be here in Winnipeg and playing the game he loves. He knows that he's lucky to be doing this.

"We get to be kids again and just have fun," Washington chuckled.