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 Two Winnipeg musicians are pursuing God's call for their lives through their participation in locally-based missions.

TREK is a program put on my MB Mission that enables singles and couples over the age of 19, as well as families, to take action in the calls they feel Christ has placed on their hearts. They provide support for individuals wishing to pursue outreach in other countries, including opportunities for discipleship training and mentorship.becca jamie trek 4Muir and Job's TREK team became very close over the two-month orientation period. (Jamie Muir)

Job and Muir heard about TREK through a friend connected to MB Mission, who knew of their desires to enter into ministry and encouraged them both to apply for the program.

"We discerned that it was a really good fit, so we applied," said Job, who, along with Muir, is specifically interested in pursuing a career in worship ministry.

The missions program consists of two main parts: orientation, consisting of training and preparation that takes place over the first two months, and missions, which make up the remainder of the six-month program. Participants decide on their final outreach location after much time spent in prayer with mentors and other individuals providing support.

The two young adults have just completed the orientation phase of TREK and will be embarking on their outreach assignments for the first time tomorrow.

Muir, 21, described their time in orientation as "a lot of classroom, but also a lot of community outreach." The Winnipeg-based TREK team this year has done everything from prayer walks, to evangelism in the North End, to hearing speakers teach about the Holy Spirit.

"It's been really interesting meeting people from all different cultures who are doing the program," shared Job, 20. "It's been really cool to not just learn from our speakers but to learn from each other and be challenged and encouraged by the other participants as well."

While their experience on TREK so far has been an empowering one, where they feel their faith has grown tremendously, the pair say they've also had their faith tested over the last two months.

"For me, worship ministry is my passion," Job shared. "We had one speaker who came in and was talking about dying to self. We took some time, and he said 'I want you to ask God what it is he wants you to die to,' and as I was praying, God was like, 'I want you to give up worship ministry.'

"It was very surprising!" Job laughed. "But I think really what he was trying to tell me was if worship is going to come before my relationship with God, even though it's a really great thing, my relationship with God needs to be first."

becca jamie trek 3Orientation for TREK participants included much discipleship, mentorship, and time spent in prayer. (Jamie Muir)Muir says discernment has been a key part of his experience during orientation this year.

"There are a lot of options for worship ministry," explained Muir. "You can go into being a music director, or a music leader, or a music pastor, and those sound fairly similar, and sometimes they're interchangeable, but they're very different roles."

The musician has long felt called to a role in worship ministry, and says the wisdom he's gained through TREK, as well as the tools the program has equipped him with, have been invaluable in his journey.

For Job, it's been a journey of both affirmation and re-evaluation.

"Really being intentional about taking time to read the Word, and also to talk about what I've been learning with other people who are learning the same things has been really amazing... He's just been really affirming the different gifts that He's given me," Job stated. "I am more sure than ever that He is calling me into ministry."

"My relationship with God always needs to come first." -Becca Job

Community is what has been Muir's greatest area of growth throughout the TREK experience.

"You can throw a rock and probably hit someone in TREK," grinned the 21-year-old, explaining it took some time for him to become acclimated to living in community.

"It's kind of hard to just be like 'I just going to disconnect from the group."

For the ministry portion of their TREK experience, both Job and Muir will be serving as worship ministry interns at Grant Memorial Church (GMC) in Winnipeg. During their time working at the church, they'll also be devoting time to working in youth and young adult ministries.

"I initially wanted to go anywhere but Grant," laughed Job. "Literally every single opportunity [outside of Winnipeg] God closed the door to... I knew it was God choosing where he wanted me to be, rather than me choosing where I wanted to intern."

Muir, who had the opportunity to intern in Thailand, says that he too felt God calling him to GMC for this stage of his life.

"Basically the point of this time is just to learn more about what it means to be working in ministry, and to kind of discern what God has for us, long-term," Job said.

Job and Muir will be hosting a support concert at CMU, in their campus chapel on Tuesday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. for all those interested in learning more about their journey with TREK.

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