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Thrift your way to savings this season, with some shopping tips that are good for your wardrobe and your wallet.

It's time to update that winter wardrobe, but buying name brand can often set you back more than you can afford.

The solution? Thrift shopping! Now a trending pastime, it's never been a better time to spruce up your style, secondhand. Whether you're out looking for the kids or trying to find something spiffy for yourself, you can be sure that your one-of-a-kind finds will keep you warm this winter at a price that'll make you smile.

Krista Henry, the Salvation Army Thrift Store's National Communications Specialist, has some great tips to share to help you with your thrifting expeditions this season.

1. Mix modern with vintage70 salvation army lookThis 70's look is a mix of modern and vintage that is thrifted and modeled by Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert and Youtuber Anna Lee.

The most apparent trend that Henry has noticed over the last year has been the tendency to pair sleek, newer-styled items with older pieces.

"They're doing a mix of both, to be unique, and pieces that were trendy a few years ago have been coming back," said Henry. Thrift stores can be a wonderful haven for both clothing styles.

2. Size changes

"When you're going to a thrift store, you really have to check all the sizes, because what was small 10 years ago or 20 years ago... it's definitely not a small now."

Henry recommends always trying on items for fit and sizing, so that you can get a good feel for the item you're wanting to purchase. Additionally, check all sizes when looking through the racks, and keep in mind that most clothing items are easily modifiable.

3. Shop often

Thift stores are always getting new pieces in, and constantly putting out new donated items.

"You could go back five times in a day, and you will find something new literally every single time!" she chuckled. "You'll always find something new, and chances are you probably won't find it again the next day."

Ultimately, if you see an item you like, Henry advises that you buy it. "It's not retail price, so you can always buy it and donate it back, and when you donate [at Salvation Army Thrift Stores] you actually get a $10 off coupon, so it's a win-win situation."

4. Shop all sections

Even if you're a woman, you can still find fantastic pieces amongst the racks in the men's clothing section. Whether you're looking for something a little bigger than a woman's size, or you just want a comfy sweater to keep you warm this winter, it pays to look outside of your usual section.

thrift dress salvation armySalvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert Tijana Popovic of the blog 'A Plentiful Life' shows off her thrifted ruffled dress that pairs well with warm tights for the fall and are a unique addition to your wardrobe.If you're concerned about finding the closet space for some new winter aquisitions, take some time to sort through your clothes and make a donation to your neighborhood thrift store.

"Donations help your community and donations help your environment," shared Henry. Currently, Salvation Army Thrift Stores are in need donations of any winter items, such as coats, mittens, hats, scarves, and sweaters. If you're cleaning out your summer closet, however, those donations will also be readily and happily accepted.

"Really, we'll take it all... there are a lot of people in need."

When you take time to donate your unwanted clothes, it represents far more than simply saving something from disposal. "We make every single donation count... even if it's not something that is going to be sold right away, it's still something that we keep from landfills; it's something that we will keep, and we will recycle, and we will refresh and restyle," Henry explained.

The moral of the story?

"Shop thrift!"

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