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Daytime highs continue to drop, and now we could get our first taste of winter over the weekend.

Light snow is a possibility in the forecast for Winnipeg and much of the Red River Valley for Friday evening, and Saturday.

The good news?  Justin Share, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says "there shouldn't be too much in the way of accumulation. There might be a little dusting when people wake up . . . but it's really not going to be that intense."

In fact, Share says, we might not even get snow. "The temperatures are hovering right around 0 degrees, so we could see rain or snow."

However, it could still be the area's first snowfall of the season. "As long as there's enough to measure then I'd consider it our first snowfall."

But Share says you can keep the snow shovels away. "It's going to warm up on Saturday anyway. So, even if there's a little trace of white on the grass it's still going away later in the day anyway."

In fact, temperatures are set to rise quite a bit early next week. "

"It's kind of cold right now because we did have a cold front go through just yesterday. But the temperatures rebound the next few days and we're looking to be back into the mid-teens for highs. It looks pretty nice coming into next week."

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