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You may have started the day in a winter coat, but you can definitely end it in shorts and a t-shirt!

A beautiful day in Manitoba set a few heat records across the province, including Winnipeg.

"We reached 25°C at the airport, and our previous record was 23.9°," said Shannon Moodie, meteorologist with Environment Canada. That record was set in 1958.

"In Winnipeg we are lucky with our fall [weather]," Moodie said.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster this fall, considering the first official snowfall just happened this past weekend.

A few other towns also broke records and they will be confirmed by Environment Canada before the end of the day. Moodie says that Sprague, Manitoba was the hot spot of Canada today, sitting up at 27°C.

Unfortunately, the heat won't be staying. A cold front is coming in and will pull temperatures back down to normal within a few days.