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The wildfire smoke didn't stop Manitoba from reaching heat records today.

Southern Manitoba got hammered by a blast of summer today, with daily heat records being broken or tied in multiple places*, including:

  • Gretna - 30.7° (28.9° - 1995)
  • Pilot Mound - 31.3° (31.1° - 1952)
  • Winnipeg - 33.3° (33.3° - 1952)
  • Berens River - 25° (25° - 1932)

That heat was accompanied by a lot of haze, which prompted Environment Canada to issue a special air quality statement.

"[It] looks like we have a front coming through sometime this evening," said Natalie Hasell, EC Weather Preparedness Meteorologist. "That front will push things out of Manitoba for [the next 36 hours]."

Hasell said we could still see more smoke make it's way to Manitoba over the coming weeks, but the sky should be clearing up by this evening. At least until Wednesday evening, where we will be a system makes it's way into Manitoba and dump rain on the province for a few days.

*all temperatures as of 3:30 p.m. September 12, 2017.