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Kick your feet up and relax on the latest piece of art in downtown Winnipeg.

The Cool Gardens art exhibit got a new entry as The Weave was finished last week. The art installation, which looks like a giant hammock, was designed by Rachelle Kirouac and Danielle Loeb.

"There are actually three parts to it," Kirouac said. "There is a fort component . . . that's intended to crawl under or lie against. The giant hammock is getting the most attention because it's quite big. And if you are lying in the hammock you can see the canopy above."

The canopy was put together by different members of the community, including the Mayor's Office and a few different schools.

"That was a pretty big part of the project from the very beginning," Loeb said. "Because we were weaving this installation and talking about Winnipeg's urban fabric . . . we wanted to get different groups involved and help us portray that conversation."

Kirouac loves the positivity and enthusiasm about being outdoors that Winnipeggers showed this weekend. That mentality was a big reason for their weave design.

"It's a city of people trying to do new things," Loeb said. "Game-changers."

Cool Gardens is a public exhibition of contemporary garden and art installations. It is the mirror version of Winnipeg's Warming Huts.

The Weave will remain up all summer and is free for anyone to lie on.