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The sisters of Schuyler (Sky) Bierkos say it's hard not to get their hopes up after hearing their missing brother may have been spotted. 

His sisters Arielle and Callista Bierkos said their brother was last seen at his home in Calgary, Alberta, six years ago.

A high school friend of the sisters living in Winnipeg left a message on Schuyler's missing person's Facebook page saying he thought he might have seen Schuyler In the Manitoba city in December. The friend said he may have seen him on the westbound 90 bus toward Eddison at about 11:30 on December 19, 2018.

The Bierkos family has been looking for Sky ever since he disappeared back in February of 2013 at the age of 20. Schuyler was last seen at his home in Calgary, Alberta. 

Arielle and Callista describe their brother as their best friend, big-hearted and caring. "He was always just there," they said of any family event or gathering. That's why they immediately grew concerned when he missed a birthday party for his grandfather.

Sky at the age of 20Schuyler at the age of 20.The last time the sisters heard from Schuyler was when they were planning to carpool to the party.

Schuyler then missed the party and was absent during other events with his friends later that week.

Ever since his family and friends have been looking for Sky diligently hoping he is safe and healthy.

Arielle and Callista said that soon after Schuyler disappeared they messaged all Schuyler's Facebook friends to try and find where he might have gone or if anyone had heard from him.

"He's what makes our family complete"

The family tried to file a report within a week of Schuyler's disappearance but the police said that Schuyler, being an adult, was "allowed to go missing." The family continued to try and convince the police to file a report for over a month. It took Arielle breaking down over the phone before the police took her seriously and filed the report.

When the Police did finally allow the family to file a report it was already April, over a month after Schuyler went missing. The family has had difficulty with the way the police has handled the situation as the police later said there was a lot they couldn't do because so much time had passed before a report was filed.

Right after the missing information was put out there were many people who thought they had seen him in Alberta but after looking more into each case it was obvious that it was not Schuyler.

The sisters said "it's gut-wrenching, every holiday, every birthday . . . you know? He's what makes our family complete and he's gone and that absence is felt very heavily every single day."

The family has been running a Facebook page since Schuyler's disappearance to help spread the word and find their brother.

"It doesn't get easier."

There was no indication that anything was wrong; no family fight or any obvious personal problems Schuyler had before he went missing. This makes it really hard to try and understand what might have happened.

Arielle and Callista said people have asked what if Schuyler doesn't want to be found? To this the sisters said that If he's okay and "living the life in Winnipeg" that's okay they wouldn't want to interfere with his life, they just want to know if he's okay.

"Him being alive and okay is the best possible scenario for us"

If anyone has information or tips they're asked to call the Calgary police at 403.266.1234, or their local police. They can also report confidentially at or 1.866.543.8477.

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