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The Seine River School Division gave its first reading to a by-law allowing religious instruction to take place at Richer School for this year.

Superintendent Mike Borgfjord says this is not something that would be run by the teachers of the school, but someone from outside the school would come in to facilitate the program.

"Any school community can request by petition for a by-law to any school board for religious instruction in school outside class hours during the school day. We had a group of parent that signed a petition requesting religious instruction be allowed at the Richer School for this year so it was the first reading of the by-law."

Borgfjord adds they need a certain amount of participation for the by-law to be passed.

"It needs to be presented to the board, the petition signed by parents or guardians of a minimum of 10 children attending school with one or two classrooms but in this case, because there are three or more classrooms, there needs to be a minimum of 25 children so it depends on the size of the school."

Borgfjord says the by-law is tabled for second and final reading at the boards next meeting in November.