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Parks Canada and Google have teamed up allowing you to explore one of Canada's most northern points.

Quttinirpaaq National Park is the closest National Park to the North Pole, and usually, costs about $7,000.00 to fly there. Located on Ellesmere Island the park only receives an average of 25 tourists per year.

Now, thanks to the partnership, Canadians are able to explore this rugged park from the comfort of their home using Google Street View.

The Quttinirpaaq release is part of a larger project documenting multiple parks in Canada.

"Parks Canada and Google have forged a partnership to document and place a wide selection of Parks Canada iconic destinations within Google Street View, providing Canadians and anyone anywhere in the world with a virtual experience that enables them to explore and discover the highlights of these special places," Parks Canada says.

Parks Canada hopes that the project will assist in both education, as well as trip planning.