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Baby Declan Burnard has finally come home after a month of health complications, and the family gives credit to the goodness of God.

In an online post, Mike Burnard, father of Declan and worship leader at The Meeting Place, shared that their family has finally returned home complete.

"After almost a month of some of the most extreme ups and downs we’ve ever encountered, we are finally together as a family in our own home," wrote Burnard.

A number of health problems plagued the Burnard family following the birth of baby Declan, who has undergone three surgeries since his birth on January 18.

In addition to three weeks of heart and lung troubles, the family struggled with being separated, with mom, Jasmine, and baby Declan at the Children's Hospital and dad Mike often travelling between home, hotel, and hospital with son, Silas.

"Having all of us here together, that's been the best feeling," shared Burnard, who said the family officially returned home together on Tuesday. "The key word there is being 'all being together.'"

The last time the family was united together at home was the night following the birth of Declan, a very short time before his health complications first became apparent.

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"Surreal," is the other word Burnard used to describe the recent reuniting of their family of four.

"You hear about these things happening to other families, and you do your best to lift them up in prayer, but it can very quickly... sometimes you just move on."

Faith, according to Bernard, has been their family's anchor for the past three weeks of emotion. Particularly on the day following Declan's return to the hospital, a moment of family prayer resulted in a lifeline for the difficult days still to come.

"We had to go home and pack and catch our early flight the next day, so when we were on our flight... we're sitting on the plane and we're in complete disbelief of the situation, trying to process what was happening. But we had a conversation."

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Burnard and his wife took a moment to commit the experience they were about to go through to the Lord, something that proved to make all the difference, Burnard says.

"[We said,] 'from now until this is done, we need to remember to be good to each other, be good to each other, and remember that God is good, no matter what happens.

Jasmine Burnard, mother of Declan, was also put through the wringer, with her own additional health complications in addition to separation from her husband and sons.

"She really felt pulled into multiple different directions," Mike shared. "It was really difficult for her... any waking chance she had she would be with one of her boys, at all times. It was phenomenal to witness and an absolute honour to say that I'm married to her."

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It was prayer, and more than a few miracles, that surrounded the Burnard family for much of the last month.

"His name, Declan, means 'man of prayer,'" Mike chuckled. "We actually had a different name picked out for him just 10 days before... and we thought, 'no, we really like the name Declan.' It's kind of been the story of his life now."

Now home and endlessly grateful for the goodness of God, the Burnard's are also exceptionally thankful for the work of the body of Christ in surrounding and uplifting them through the past three weeks.

"Prayer truly works... and we're dedicated to serving the church and I've always seen it as such an honour to serve the church, but this was an experience that was opened up for us where we got to experience the honour of being served by the church, and it was just so eye-opening for us.

"We've been moved by that."

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