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Adult and Teen Challenge would like to open a community resource office in the Rural Municipality of Hanover.

Development Director Daniel Emond and Pastor Terry Thiessen met this week with council for the RM of Hanover. Emond explains they have been actively serving Manitobans facing addiction since 1995 through their residential discipleship programs. In recent years they have expanded their reach with a selection of Living Free Support Groups for individuals and families.

Last year Adult and Teen Challenge opened a resource office in Winkler and Emond says it is now time to do the same in Hanover.

"As things have progressed in the community, we realize the need for a full-time resource centre here," noted Emond. "An Adult and Teen Challenge resource office that will provide full-time support to the families and the community struggling and impacted with addiction."

According to Emond, opening an office will probably cost between $75,000 and $100,000. He says an annual budget of that same amount would then probably be needed in the years following. Emond did not request a specific dollar amount but only asked Hanover council if it would be willing to be a partner.

"We are just looking for the support, we are definitely in constant need of funding," says Emond. "That's one thing that we're hoping that the municipality will help us with, is funding. As well as we are in need of a space, an office that would fit the programming that we want to offer."

Emond says they could see this resource office grow, especially with the legalization of marijuana and the potential for more addictions. He notes a staff of one might grow to a staff of six one day and maybe even become a recovery Church.

Meanwhile, Thiessen says the core of what they are doing in southern Manitoba is offering non-residential support groups, focusing on supporting families whose loved ones might not be ready for help.

"But the families really need some perspective and some context about how to approach and help their loved one in an actual positive way instead of just kind of helping them along in their struggle every day," says Thiessen.

The support worker in Winkler also works with developing positive relationships with the local faith community, including Churches, pastors and civic leaders to make sure they know the supports available.

According to Thiessen, many people from Hanover and Steinbach have used Adult and Teen Challenge. Hanover council has yet to decide if or how it might help out.