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Don't get caught with a bulging disc

A disc herniation could be a subtle cause for concern that leads to massive problems.

Taking steps to kick foot pain

Bring back the skip in your step by treating the pain in your soles.

You're never too old to learn about finances

Learning is a lifelong endeavour, and you should approach knowledge about your finances…

Chiropractic care not dangerous during pregnancy

Pregnancy care can and should be taken seriously and treated delicately, and chiropractic…

Is the cold causing you pain?

Stop sighing about sciatic pain with help from the team at Connect Chiropractic.

Willie Sutton's law: keeping your money in your hands

Willie Sutton (1901 – 1980) was a notorious bank robber in the U.S. When asked why he…

Sitting could be harmful to your health

When sitting is a constant part of your day for school or work, your posture will suffer…

The human problems of working with our money

Understanding Parkinson’s Law C. Northcote Parkinson, (1909-1993), was a British…

Getting ready for RRSP season

Two questions to consider as we head into another RRSP season: Do you have any control…

Think before you shovel

Shovelling snow can bring a high possibility of injury.

Ask the funeral director: How can I fund my funeral?

As a Funeral Director, I would like to sincerely apologize to the families affected by…

Tackle finances head-on in the new year

Make it your resolution to have less financial stress in 2019.

Tips for cold weather living

Long prairie winters can do more than simply chill us to the bone. Winter as a whole…

Ask the funeral director: have you been taken advantage of ???

Surprise, surprise, funeral service makes the local news again.

The part the patient plays

Chiropractic care does not start and stop in the doctor’s office.

Ask the funeral director: how do I personalize a service for my loved one?

When someone you love passes away, it can be a very emotional and trying time, yet many…

The 4 genetic requirements the body has for health

Dr. Trevor Clark from Connect Chiropractic says that there are four genetic requirements…

Ask the fuenral director: David vs Goliath

You either love my articles or you love to hate them. “Ask the funeral director”, as…

Ask the funeral director: Can choosing the wrong funeral home cost me?

As a Funeral Director, I try to be a caring and compassionate individual. In this…