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Belong Summit (Pre-conference) - Trauma Informed Care Training - (TBRI) - For educators, church workers, camps, community programs

Friday, Nov 09, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Gateway Church, 851 Panet Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) is a holistic, attachment-based, evidence-based, & trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children & teens. Based on years of attachment, trauma, & neuroscience research, the training has grown out of hands-on intervention with real lives of children, teens and parents.

Full day training on Nov 9 at Gateway Church at Panet Road (9 AM -4 PM) - Open to all educators, church workers, those who work with children and youth in various settings.

Training will be facilitated by two TBRI training specialists from the Texas and Colorado.

Contact Harold Park
Phone 2042927089
Email [email protected]
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Gateway Church, 851 Panet Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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