Jesus as Storyteller: The Parables of Jesus is a 1-month Evening Intensive course with James Driedger being offered March 11 – April 8 through Steinbach Bible College.

Available live-streamed online and on-campus (pending restrictions and capacity limits).

Date & Times: Thursdays, March 11 – April 8 (7 – 9:15pm)

Instructor: James Driedger

Description: The parables of Jesus cannot be separated from his mission to usher in the Kingdom of God. This course will examine Jesus’ parables as found in the Gospels and will consider how they relate to his mission.

“Jesus had one particular method of explaining what was going on… he told stories. Not just any old stories. These were, for the most part, not ‘illustrations,’ preacher’s tricks to decorate an abstract or difficult thought, to sugarcoat the pill of complicated teaching. If anything, they were the opposite. They were stories designed to tease, to clothe the shocking and revolutionary message of God’s kingdom in garb that left the hearers wondering, trying to think out, never quite able (until near the end) to pin Jesus down.

These stories – the ‘parables’ – were not, as children are sometimes taught in Sunday school, ‘earthly stories with heavenly meanings,’ though some of them may be that, as it were, by accident. Some, indeed, are heavenly stories… with decidedly earthly meanings. That’s exactly what we should expect if Jesus’s kingdom announcement was as we are describing it, with God’s kingdom coming on earth as in heaven.” — N. T. Wright, Simply Jesus, 87-88

Cost: Available for credit ($274) or for audit ($137)

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Steinbach Bible College, 50 PTH 12 N, Steinbach, MB

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