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Five Bishop Grandin Boulevard intersections have been named Winnipeg's worst, says the City of Winnipeg.

The city released a list of the most dangerous intersections in Winnipeg when it comes to collisions and fatalities.

The list features multiple intersections on Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Lagimodiere Boulevard. This list will be used for a larger inner-ring road study, taking place in 2018.



Worst intersections in Winnipeg:

  1. Kenaston Blvd & McGillivray Blvd
  2. Archibald St & Marion St
  3. Lagimodiere Blvd & Grassie Blvd
  4. Lagimodiere Blvd & Regent Ave W
  5. Dakota St & Dunkirk Dr
  6. Leila Ave & McPhillips St
  7. Pembina Hwy & Bison Dr
  8. Lagimodiere Blvd & Reenders Dr
  9. Bishop Grandin Blvd & St Mary's Rd
  10. Bishop Grandin Blvd & Dakota St
  11. Fermor Ave & Lagimodiere Blvd
  12. Panet Rd & Regent Ave W/Nairn Ave
  13. Bishop Grandin Blvd & Waverley St
  14. Academy Rd & Stafford St
  15. Fermor Ave & St Mary's Rd
  16. Waverley St & Taylor Ave
  17. Bishop Grandin Blvd & St Anne's Rd
  18. Bishop Grandin Blvd & Lakewood Blvd
  19. Lagimodiere Blvd & Marion St
  20. Kenaston Blvd & Scurfield Blvd