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Jim Berezowsky from the City of Winnipeg says crews will continue to remove snow from the last big storm, and sanding streets for now.

Last night's snow hasn't changed the City of Winnipeg's plans. "Overnight, we continued our sanding operations while that light snow was falling," Jim Berezowsky explained this morning. "Today what we will continue doing is sanding our priority 1 and priority 2 networks...and we'll make a further determination later today if there is a requirement to implement a greater plowing operation, but again, right now the focus is on continuing our sanding services and our hauling operations."

With only light snow in the forecast for the next few days, expect City crews to continue clearing curbs and piles during the night. Sidewalks in priority 3 areas are starting to be cleared as well.

As for what to expect over the next few days, Jim Berezowsky says that we can expect a few more trucks on the road. "Over the next few weeks, citizens are going to see a lot of equipment overnight moving a lot of those windrows in front of business and high piles. That will continue on for the next few weeks."