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Did your family see the dinosaur exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo? Now you can't get enough of giant dinos? Then there's good news for you. 

The World's Giant Dinosaurs never-before-seen exhibit will be on display in the newly expanded Alloway hall of the Manitoba Museum and will include fossils, statues, robotics, all kinds of media, hands-on activities, and more representing giant dinosaurs from around the world. Some of the largest animals that ever lived will be included like the Mamenchisaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some of the active robots on display are up to 60 feet long and 25 feet high. Researchers say that some of these animals weighed more than 10 elephants and grew as long as 3 buses.

Claudette Leclerc, Manitoba Museum Executive Director & CEO commented that “The renewed Alloway Hall has never looked better and it’s a good thing we made the roof so high – or else we never would have been able to fit those giants into the exhibit space!”

The World's Giant Dinosaurs is coming to the Manitoba Museum May 19th to September 4th, 2017.