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Jim Bell is the new CEO of Siloam Mission and we had a chance to talk to him and see how it was going.

Former VP of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Jim Bell has been named the new CEO of Siloam Mission after former CEO Dr. Garry Corbett retired.

Jim Bell has been a busy guy over the last few years. Last year, he was in residential real estate. Before that, he ran in the federal election. And prior to that, Jim spent over 12 years with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He was recently approached about the job, so he decided to send in his resume.

"When I was interviewed for the position, I went home and I was immediately intrigued. I read the profile about what Siloam was about. I had volunteered a few times in the past, but I didn't have an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings and what they do," Jim Bell said about his first real experience with the behind the scenes work at Siloam Mission. "I became more and more interested, and I will tell you that today . . . I greatly underestimated the impact that Siloam Mission has in our community at large. My eyes have been opened quite wide."

He has already seen firsthand the impact Siloam Mission has in the community. After only five days, he has been blown away by the workers, the volunteers and by the patrons of Siloam. Jim is particularly amazed by the "passion in the people that are here in how they engage, whether that be in the kitchen, in serving meals, in other areas . . . the drop in center, the various services that I vastly underestimated. I'm just so impressed by the passion of the people that I've had a chance to meet."

jim danny siloam

That passion was shown today, when Danny Kleinsasser, owner of Danny's Whole Hog, donated a $200 cheque that had been given to him. Rather than accept the money from the stranger he helped, he brought it to Siloam Mission.

"I look forward to seeing you all the community early and often, and thank you for all your support of Siloam."