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It's the middle of winter, and you are more than likely experiencing a case of those classic post-holiday blues. Is there a way to beat them?

We spoke with psychologist Dr. Ian Mogilevsky, and he told us what might cause these feelings. He says there are two dynamics that we should look at. "One reason is that Christmas wasn't all that they thought it was going to be for them. It was disappointing or stressful relationally. Or it was really good, and now you are feeling like it is not nearly exciting as time off with family or friends."

When asked for ways how to combat them, Dr. Mogilevsky says that we should start to be grateful in every set of circumstances. He says that we should focus on "just being grateful for whatever blessings the Lord has provided and focusing on having a grateful heart or a thankful heart rather than the ones that aren't going as well." Dr. Mogilevsky also mentions that one could take the time to look for ways to encourage others who might also be experiencing winter blues. "If you brighten someone's day, you might actually feel like your day is getting brighter as well."

Dr. Mogilevsky suggests that you try a new activity that you might have been thinking about doing but haven't stepped out and tried. These could be taking a new course, going to a gym or fitness facility, or just getting outdoors to spend a few minutes skating or sledding on a nearby hill. 

"It could be really something you might actually enjoy," he said.

If you are heading outside for a bit, make sure you stay safe in the cold weather!