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When Paulina Langedock checked her mail this week she noticed an envelope addressed to a person who no longer lived at the address - and hadn't for at least four years. However, something else caught Paulina's eyes, and she decided to see if she could deliver the mail herself.

The envelope's interesting stamps and red-blue border got Paulina's attention, and she quickly realized the letter came all the way from El Salvador. Rather than taking the letter to the mailbox and marking it 'Return to Sender,' Paulina decided to see if she could leverage the power of social media to track down the proper receipient.

"My parents are originally from Poland, so I know how hard it is to communicate for families. Especially if people don't have access to internet."

Paulina had tried Googling the recipient's name in Winnipeg, but had a lot of matches popping up. "The name is very generic. So names were coming up, but it was too hard to figure out who might be the right match. So I thought, maybe there's a chance somebody out there would know them."

Incredibly, within 90 minutes of posting to Facebook Paulina received a message and the right recipient was found.

"This lady said, 'Oh that's my aunt.' And she gave me the right address without me saying anything," Paulina told us. "You've made my family really happy by finding this letter!" the lady told Paulina.

Paulina and the right recipient will be meeting soon to get the letter into the rightful hands.

"It was jsut a really heartwarming experience," Paulina said.