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Hanover Ag brings community fun to Grunthal

The town of Grunthal was buzzing because of the excitement of the Hanover Ag.

Loveliest day at PlumFest

Plum Coulee may be home to some of the nicest people in the province.

Fabulous day for harvest festivities

Harvest season is on the horizon, and Winkler celebrated this wonderfully over the…

Celebrate Summer with CHVN: week of August 14

The summer may be nearing a close, but it's hard to tell with the amount of great summer…

An evening celebrating many cultures

Who needs a vacation when you can travel the globe in the span of a few hours, right here…

Canada-wide conference sparking fire in believers from coast to coast

The Spirit of God was at work tonight among those attending the Canada On Track…

Celebrate Summer with CHVN: week of August 7

The second week of August will bring heat and more fun summer adventures!

Embarking on new voyages in Gimli

The annual Icelandic Festival was a hit with people from all over.

Celebrate Summer with CHVN: week of July 31

August is upon us, and with a new summer month comes more summer adventures!

Severe heat for Sunflower Festival

It was a hot and sunny summer day, perfectly spent at the Manitoba Sunflower Festival.
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