A young couple who was serving as missionaries for Missions in Haiti Inc. were tragically killed Thursday evening. 

Davy and Natalie Lloyd, who were full-time missionaries in Haiti, were attacked by a Haitian gang and both killed. 

"Our hearts are broken, and we mourn for the loss of such great people who willingly laid down their lives for the call of God," said House of Prayer & International Outreach in a post on Facebook. "Only Heaven knows the last moments that took place as they took their last breaths. I can’t help but believe angels held them and carried them straight into the arms of Jesus. Now they are standing before the one they so loved and served."

Missions in Haiti was started in 2000 by Davy's parents, David and Alicia Lloyd, to set Haiti on a different course. They did this by targeting the country's biggest need, its children.

Davy and Natalie had just recently joined the ministry. Family and friends are now asking for prayer as they deal with this tragic loss.