Learning is a lifelong endeavour, and you should approach knowledge about your finances the same way.

Arrival Syndrome, however, is when that learning process takes a backseat to our pride, resulting in a know-it-all attitude.

"When that thing kind of infects us, we stop growing and we stop learning," Merv Peters, owner of Fresh Ground Financial says. "We tend to tune out the ability to receive any inspiration because in our minds, we already know everything there is to know."

This mental stumbling block can affect every area of your life. Finances can be especially tricky.

Peters says despite growing up with a certain perspective on money, how to manage it, and how to save, it's important to be open to new ideas about how money works.

The syndrome 

"Why don't you at least open your mind to look at options?"

While the tale of money may be as old as time, the truth is that it is a means that is constantly changing in our world. That's why Peters says it is so important to consider who you're taking financial advice from.

One of the easiest ways to lose perspective on your finances is by listening to those "trying to take the money out of your hands," explains Peters; namely, the organizations who are marketing their products to you.

Asking yourself, "is that really in my best interest?" is what Peters recommends taking a moment to consider before spending your valuable income.

Stopping and taking a step back will help you to better evaluate your choices on each purchase and investment.

As well, Peters advises to always be aware of chances to open your mind to information and opportunities.

"Sometimes little changes can make a big, big difference."