The Winnipeg Police Service says they have received calls to report non-compliance with COVID-19 orders since Monday.

The service is unable to say how many officers will be adding COVID-19 enforcement to their normal duties. 

"The numbers are up, our response is up," Constable Rob Carver says. "We will fine if necessary."

The fine an individual could face for non-compliance is $1,296.

"We will be focusing less on education and more on enforcement."

Carver says he believes the added duties will not cost the service more money and they do not intend to hire more officers due to COVID enforcement.

"Deployment of police resources is always a fluctuating issues," Carver says."Whether or not is it going to be a strain depends on the ebb and flow of the calls we get in"

Carver says Winnipeg residents need to call 311 to report potential COVID-19 order non-compliance instances.

He says the WPS will be triaging the importance of COVID-19 enforcement but says the priority of these calls will not be high.

The officer says COVID impacts any front line agency, saying, "the new reality for all of us that there is a new layer of stress."

Carver says the Winnipeg Police Service is not experiencing any PPE issues.