Faith Thompson may be Canadian but her soulful voice will remind listeners of the south and all its warmth.

"I currently live in Toronto but born and raised in Ottawa. I've been singing since I was a young child. I've always done background for other people and this is the first time I'm going to venture on my own," she says.

Thompson released her first single 'All in All' on June 13, 2021. 

"I still lead worship. I've always been a worship leader."

This single is the first one ever released by Thompson, but she says there are more coming.

"This song was such an inspiration to me. I lost my father in December to Alzheimer's and as you know, it takes some time to deteriorate. I've been a little bit losing my father for four or five years."

Thompson was very close to her father.

"My father was very instrumental in my life. God's been taking me on this journey where He is taking over that role as my Father."

The song was inspired by and came out of an intimate time with God, while Thompson was on a train one day.

"This is like sunshine, it feels warm and things are coming out of a dark place. This is that song to say we're coming out of this and that God is embracing you through this song. I hope people hear God's heart through this song."