A Winnipeg woman is speaking out as she recovers from COVID-19.

Lucy Kaikai says she started to feel ill, a sickness she says she has not experienced for 17 years. 

"I felt very sick. Sicker than I have been in a very long time."

Keeping her brothers and sisters in the church in mind, Kaikai skipped Sunday service, something she does not normally do.

"On Sundays, we have been going to church. We have not stopped going to church throughout the pandemic and I wanted to know whether it was safe for me to continue going to church."

After getting a test and keeping her family home, Kaikai received a call on the following Monday, telling her she tested positive for COVID-19.

Kaikai's next challenge was figuring out how to isolate herself in a two-bedroom apartment away from her family. She knew she had a loving church community, but did not want to put them in harm's way. 

"We were not ready for this, to be in isolation. We have had a lot of support but it has been challenging to ask for help and possibly expose others by having them go out and run errands."

She says be staying away when she was ill is how she showed love to her community. 

Sick and isolated, Kaikai turned to God for support.

"I have been greatly comforted by prayers. I was afraid, and I am not afraid to say that. David said 'when I am afraid, I put my trust in you,' so I learned to trust God above all else."

Prayers and support from her family helped motivate Kaikai through the illness.

"I have been comforted with the prayers of many pastors, family, and friends."

She says during her isolation she learned to trust God more. Kaikai says that even if the virus took her life, she felt comforted knowing she had a place with God.

"(I) thank him for the wisdom he has given me to make choices that have helped keep others around me safe." 

On Friday afternoon, Kaikai's efforts proved successful as she received a call saying her children had not tested positive for COVID-19. She says her family worked hard to stay safe and is pleading for others to do the same.

Despite concerns of stigmatization, Kaikai says she needed to tell her story to help others. She is asking for people to take care of each other.

"If you are feeling sick, stay home."

Kaikai says she hopes people think about her experience before deciding to host parties at this time.