Have you vacated an apartment within the last two years? Did you ask for your damage deposit back?

The Manitoba Residential Tenancies Act states that any unclaimed deposits, which is usually half the cost of a month's rent, is kept by the province when a renter leaves but doesn't claim their payment. They will not be contacted to remind them to collect it. If it is not collected within two years it is forfeit by the Crown and put into the security deposit compensation fund which is used to compensate tenants when landlords do not follow the orders which require them to pay back the renter. If the amount collected towards the fund at the end of the fiscal year exceeds $30,000, the rest is used to cover the cost of programs and courses related to the Residential Tenancies Branch.

You can see the list of buildings where there are current unclaimed damage deposits in Winnipeg HERE

If you believe you are owed a damage deposit, you can fill out THIS FORM to prove it is meant for you.