A Winnipeg taxi driver is being remembered by a woman for his integrity and honesty.

In an online post, DJ Rempel posted about a positive interaction she had with Balvir Toor, a taxi driver in Winnipeg.

"This is the cab driver that came back to HSC children’s with my wallet and all the money after half an hour into our waiting when I realized I had dropped it in the cab," Rempel wrote in an online post.

On Thursday morning, police responded to a serious incident at Burrows Avenue and Andrews Street involving a taxi.

Winnipeg Police later identified 44-year-old Balvir Toor had been stabbed and killed.

Toor owned a Duffy Taxi, which he drove to provide for his family.

Rempel, upon hearing the news, took to Facebook to reshare her positive experience with Toor in remembrance.

"So I'm going to share this because never have I seen this happen, and I believe credit should be given where credit is due," Rempel wrote in her original post.

Rempel shared Toor had previously driven her, her husband, and their one-year-old daughter to the emergency room at the Children's Hospital.

"In the rush to get baby and her diaper bag and car seat out and into the hospital, my wallet fell out in the cab," Rempel says.

Rempel says they did not notice this loss for at least 15 minutes, until they could not find the wallet which contained their child's medical card.

Rempel says she called Duffy's, unsure of whether she had lost the wallet inside the cab or outside the hospital. Duffy's called the Rempel's back promptly to let them know their driver had found the wallet and was driving back to the hospital to return it to her.

The wallet contained $450.00 in addition to the medical card. "Sure enough, all $450.00 was there," says Rempel.

Rempel's daughter was fine following the incident.

"Thank you to Balvir Toor for being a person with integrity and honesty," Rempel says.