An officer with the Winnipeg Police Service and father of three is using his own experience to help others.

Late in November, Jay-R Toralba released a children’s book called Superhero U, which focuses on teaching children how to stay safe in case of an emergency.

Not only is he helping to teach children the importance of knowing vital information like their name, phone number and address, he is also donating all proceeds from the book to charity.

“A lot of my motivation for this book came from my kids, but being a part of the Winnipeg Police Service and part of emergency care, the last thing I would want to happen is to have my home and work world collide,” said Toralba. “Emergency preparedness is very important for me, and I decided to combine the two under my own terms.”

Superhero U is a children’s read-along book that teaches children how to stay safe in an unsafe situation.

“It teaches basic principles like staying calm, getting to safety, calling for help and taking appropriate action through a fun Superhero University training environment in a comic book-like format,” Toralba explained.

The interactive book features colourful and fun illustrations as well as an opportunity for the reader to add themselves to the ‘Hall of Heroes’.

“I tried to make it as colourful as possible so that the kids are really attracted to it and take a real interest in it so they can have fun and learn at the same time,” said Toralba.

He says that all proceeds from the book will go to charity.

“I am in a fortunate position where a cause like this is a lot bigger than I am,” said Toralba. “For as long as I can sell the book, I would like to rotate to as many charities as possible.”

For now, Jay-R is donating all proceeds to Cops for Kids, a group of officers from the Winnipeg Police Service who cycle around North America to raise funds for sick children.

Superhero U can be found and purchased on Amazon.