After trying to reduce his prison sentence, a 28-year-old child sex predator is having years added to his time behind bars.

Manitoba's highest court has added three years to a convicted child sex predator's five-year prison sentence.

Sinclair had already been sentenced in October 2015 to two years of supervised probation in connection to his molestation of a pre-teen girl. However, he continued to lure children online until his arrest in October 2017. 

Patrick Sinclair pleaded guilty in 2020 to internet luring, extortion and making child pornography following a five-year-long stream of crimes that targeted a dozen children in the U.S.A and Canada.

Sinclair, who is 28, appealed his sentence, arguing that his moral culpability was affected by intellectual disability disorder, autism spectrum disorder and a possible diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

The Manitoba Court of Appeal rejected his claim that his problems reduced his responsibility for his crimes.


With files from The Canadian Press