Locals are putting their ears to the ground and 3D printers to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After hearing about the issues workers are facing while protecting the city from the spread of COVID-19, many locals are finding ways to help. Many Winnipeggers with 3D printers are pumping out face mask clips to help protect the ears of front-line workers.

A Facebook group called Winnipeg 3D Printing Club, as well as some individuals in the city, are making ear savers that can be attached at the back of a worker's head. The savers are easing the pressure on the ears of those constantly wearing masks.

"I saw the community rising up to a challenge in other cities, I asked my friends who may be in the medical field if there was a need, and started printing ear savers," Brendon Buhler says about his decision to join the project.

Members of the Winnipeg 3D Printing Club have also mentioned they are trying to print face shields to help prevent the spread.

"There are others printing parts for face shields, masks and these ear savers," Buhler says.

Supplies are being donated to the Health Sciences Centre, St. Amant, as well as being distributed to local workers.