Physical distancing, among other things, is what is helping the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport stay COVID careful.

As Manitoba started seeing the effects of the pandemic, the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport began upgrading its cleaning. Now, their commitment to cleaning is being recognized internationally. 

“Since the onset of the pandemic, our team has been committed to working together in a manner that ensures we are positioned to protect our community and ensure travellers, visitors and employees feel safe at the airport,” said Barry Rempel, President and CEO of Winnipeg Airports Authority says.

The Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is now being recognized by the Airports Council International's Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) programme. 

“This accreditation is a further assurance we’re meeting the highest standards. Anyone entering the airport can have full confidence that we have their health and safety in mind.”

AHA recognizes airports for demonstrating excellence in health and safety practices during the pandemic. The airport says the program assesses them on cleaning and disinfection methods, physical distancing initiatives, staff protection, physical layout, passenger communications and passenger facilities.

“The measures we’ve put in place ensure we can safely support travel now and into the future. We’ve been responding with urgency and integrity throughout this evolving situation and will continue to do so to meet and exceed public health standards.”

Committed to cleaning, the airport began enhancing its cleaning routines and making changes to its operations. Among the changes was installing UV-C escalator handrail sterilizers.

“I’m proud of the work our team continues to do to ensure our community is protected."

The airport says initiatives are reviewed on a weekly basis in collaboration with public health officials.