Winkler Police are warning seniors to be vigilant of scams while on Facebook. 

On September 12th, police say an elderly female reported she was contacted on Facebook by an individual posing as a Facebook friend. The scammer claimed if the victim would receive $200,000 in prize money if the victim would purchase iTunes gift cards and send photos of the cards.

The victim then purchased $2,200 in iTunes gift cards and send photos as requested. Once the photos were received the scammers requested more money, though the victim refused.

Later that week, police received a report from another an elderly female that had been contacted on Facebook Messenger, also from an individual who had gained access to her friend's Facebook account. The suspect advised the female that she was eligible to receive a grant to assist in paying her taxes.

However, the female was suspicious of the messages and did not provide the suspect with any personal information. The female was advised to alert her friend that her account had been compromised.

Winkler Police Chief Ryan Hunt notes reputable businesses will not contact customers asking for payment using iTunes cards.

"If you are being asked to send photos of the cards or provide the caller with numbers from the cards, that would be an indicator that you are dealing with someone that is attempting to defraud you," Hunt says.