The Pembina Valley Baptist Church has responded to the recent stabbing attack on one of its members shortly after Sunday service this week.

"The Lord saw fit to have two of our members who are nurses close by," Pastor Michael Sullivant said in the release. "They immediately administered aid. 911 was called and emergency and police services engaged in what they do best."

The attack took place inside the church. According to the Pembina Valley Baptist Church's official response, the man immediately exited the buildings after the stabbing and went and sat in a car.

"He is not a member of our congregation," Sullivant said.

The attacker was also captured on security footage entering and exiting the building, which has been provided to police.

"We have been assured that with an event like this, there were no precautions that were missed as this is seemingly so random," Sullivant said.

After being airlifted to Winnipeg via STARS Air Ambulance, the victim went into surgery, which Sullivant said went "quite well, for which we thank God."

"She has serious injuries, yet doctors are very pleased with her progress," he said.

In the mean time, the release notes the victim's family is doing well, "God is sustaining them through this trial."

"We need to allow them to heal... to get the care and rest she needs at this time," Sullivant said. "[The victim] is handling this with great grace. She is a fine young lady."

Sullivant also urged the congregation to pray, adding, "We thank God that even though we are surprised at these events, God is not."