A Hollywood actor recently shared a powerful story of Jesus at the pool of Siloam and invited his 3 million followers on social media to see Jesus with new eyes.

Nathaniel Buzolic posted a photo of himself standing on some ancient stairs recently on Instagram. Those stairs, Buzolic explains, are the steps that led ancient Jews to the ritual cleansing pool known as Siloam. It was at that location that Jesus instructed a blind man to go and wash and be healed.

"The blind man did as Yeshua instructed him to do," the actor writes, "[and he] returned with something He had never before experienced - his vision - light, colour and [humanity's] blindness to [Jesus]."

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Buzolic writes that Jesus "claims to be the light of the world," and that the Gospel of John "highlights the real spiritual blindness to Who G-d really is & What G-d is actually doing in His story of saving a broken & spiritually bankrupted humanity."

While the man's healing was a true miracle and something that should have been celebrated, Buzolic points out that followers were stuck on what sin may have caused the man's blindness in the first place and religious leaders were upset Jesus healed on the Sabbath "and thus went on a mission to silence this miracle of Yeshua, trying to silence both the formerly blind man and his parents.

"What we see as the reader is the lengths people go to reject the works of G-d and it can only be put down to a willingness to remain blind to who Yeshua is, to His words and also His works."


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The Vampire Diaries actor asks his readers, "If those who witnessed this miracle firsthand refused to believe that the promised Messiah had come, how much more challenging would it be to tell someone about this messiah who will one day return to once again expose a broken world to the truth of G-d?"

"The reality is this - at the end of the story the blind man would SEE Yeshua again. He believed & worshipped him as the promised One to come. Today we may be surrounded by spiritual blindness as was this blind man then."

Then, perhaps with the most important question, he asks "will you worship the king of kings until he returns?

"‘The son of man’ that Daniel the prophet saw during his time in Babylon has come. Can you see?"