Emily Thoroski grew up loving music but also has a passion for nature and the environment, so she thought why not do both?

With a dream to tour around Canada offering performances on the importance of knowing current environmental issues, someone needs to have credentials to help them out. Emily Thoroski completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science at the University of Manitoba, as well as a Masters degree afterwards.

Going by the artistic name, Environmental Musician, she wanted to get people excited about environmental activism by bringing an element of fun. So, she's written original songs to back up her passion and she'll be performing for the first time tomorrow at the West End Cultural Centre for a collaborated event with Green Kids Inc.

"We're targeting an audience for kids, but we also say anyone of any age that loves music and puppet shows to come on by," says Thoroski. "It's called Wild Wild Wilderness and it incorporates environmental education."

The show includes a puppeteer, showing a story about the process of garbage that is not properly thrown away, how it goes through the ecosystem and the effects it has on different animals.

Wild Wild Wilderness has the target audience of children because this is a time in someone's life when learning is crucial and information and values are built for the greater portion of their lives.

"It's just such an important issue. Environmental education and climate change, just to get young people involved in it so that they can be there to help make a difference in their lives is really what we need. We need everyone working together to help the environment."

Thoroski says one of the issues the public should focus on is habitat loss, and the reduction of flora and fauna to expand cities.

Catch the Wild Wild Wilderness for its free performance at the West End Cultural Centre, doors open at 12:45 pm and the performance begins at 1:15 pm.