Two local pastors are bringing the whiteout back to spread some love in Winnipeg.

While the spread of COVID-19 has cancelled Winnipeg's annual whiteout celebrations, two Winnipeg pastors are bringing it back the community back together during difficult times.

Moses Falco, lead pastor at Sterling Mennonite Church, and fellow pastor Karen Schellenberg say they came up with the idea to brighten spirits due to the frustrations of social distancing.

"We wanted to find a way to spread some love in the community and turn our thoughts positive," Falco says.

"We are made for connection and relationship and we want to continue to bring people together in this time."

Falco says he was on board with the idea as soon as Schellenberg mentioned it to him. "I knew this could be a great thing for the province."

The whiteout party consists of decorating windows and doors with white ribbons, streamers, hearts, and messages to spread love and appreciation for frontline and essential workers during COVID-19.

"We know how critical our health care providers and essential service workers are to our community, so we want to show our support and way thank you for everyone who continues to save lives and flatten the curve," Falco says.

The pastor says he hopes the simple act will bring the community closer together in a positive way to cheer each other on.

"We know it's going to be a long, hard road, but love is contagious and we want to spread it," says Falco.

"We all know what a whiteout party is all about."